10 Bucket-list Beauty Looks

10 Bucket-list Beauty Looks
  1. Try a new make-up look.
    The best way to find transform your everyday make-up look is to be experimental. The wonderful thing about make-up is that it will wash off! Step out of your everyday routine and see what else suits you. If you’re unsure, book a 1:1 Makeup Masterclass so we can walk you through it.
  2. Cut your hair short.
    There’s something liberating about having a complete re-style. Not only will your hair probably feel thicker and healthier, you’ll feel revitalised. Then spent months growing it back again …! Just me?!
    That said, our advice would be to not get your hair cut drastically different between your rehearsal and your wedding day. Wait until after the wedding for your big chop.
  3. Wear it blue.
    This is a skill – we don’t want an 80’s look but with these simple tricks you’ll be right on trend. Pop a dusty blue shade on the corners of your eyelids and blend inwards for a smudged eyeshadow. Or replace the traditional black gel eyeliner with a navy or bold blue to shake it up. The Yves Saint Laurent Dessin Du Regard stylo waterproof eyeliner in ‘Bleu Addiction’ gets our vote.
  4. Rock a fringe.
    We’ve all done it – maybe now is the time for you to embrace a hair change?
    A blunt fringe is often best workable for thinker hair. Wispy bangs are universally suited to everyone as they are flattering and can be worn several different ways. A side sweeping fringe is the perfect addition for those wanting to add a little bit of complexity to their hairstyle, without going the full distance. Let’s just agree to avoid the bowl cut and the break-up fringe!
  5. Hire some high drama lashes.
    Have you discovered these fantastic Paperself Eyelashes? Take my advice – look them up! Don’t forget to curl your own lashes first and trim the false lashes to fit your lash line.
  6. Get freckled
    Yes, this is a trend and it’s set to see next season. Top tip: Stick to the bridge of your nose (not the tip) and gently spread out onto the top of the cheek’s apple. Find your forever freckle pencil at Topshop.
  7. Wear a temporary tattoo
    We love that this glamorous accessory is back in trend ready for festival season. I have a total crush on Face Lace which transforms any look.
  8. Rescue chipped nails.
    Never let yourself be caught with chipped nails. Keep them either bare or painted. If you’re out of nail polish remover, paint over your nails with a clear nail varnish and remove quickly with a cotton pad.
  9. Step out of your lipstick zone
    Have you been bold enough to try a bright red lipstick? A fuchsia pink? Maybe even orange or purple? It’s probably going to look amazing! Top tip: Keep the rest of your make-up neutral with a little foundation and a stroke of mascara so not to overdo it. Check out our perfect pout lip care blog post for how to best prep your lips.
  10. Wear your best beauty asset.
    Your smile. Wear it every day!
Kate Walker