Safe Bridal Tanning

Safe Bridal Tanning

Living with our delightful English weather and restricted to only a few days of sunshine here and there, looking sun kissed is often a challenge. With skin damage warnings more prevalent than ever, opt for a fake it rather than bake it approach. With our summer body prep guide, you’re one step closer to being holiday ready (or looking like it at least!).

Planning and preparation are key. In the days before your fake tan, generously apply Palmers cocoa butter to dry areas, paying extra attention to your elbows and knees. The And Other Stories Sicilian Sunrise body scrub is an absolute gem on the market. It smells divine and is very kind to the skin compared to some abrasive scrubs. Use a specifically designed facial scrub like L’Oréal pure clay glow mask (the results are in the name!). Apply your tan to dry, freshly exfoliated skin.

Having tried many fake tans over the years, I’m now stuck on the Bondis Sands self-tanning foam. It’s quick to apply, streak free and fades well. Bondis Sands use Erythrulose which is found in high-quality tanners for a long lasting and skin safe tan. Keep moisturising after your fake tan to prolong the wear. Bondis Sands Everyday Gradual Tanning Milk means you can top up the tan when required. Moroccan Tan is another gorgeous option. Infused with argan oil, this Moroccan grown spray tan is enriched with vitamins for a nourishing, streak free, gorgeous tan. If you are very fair, ask your spray technician about Sienna X range which is perfect for lighter complexions.

We always recommend give your tan a trial run before your wedding date. This is important to judge the longevity of the tan, the texture and scent of your skin. Test out your tan at least one month before the big day, to see how the colour develops and allow for any possible skin irritation. We will always bring a full collection of foundation shades on your wedding morning to re colour match you. It is always useful to know if you intend to tan as this may affect the make-up look created. Using a facial cream with SPF is essential for anti-age prevention. Most fake tans used on the face will cause irritation or break outs. Thank goodness for Tan Luxe The Face Illuminating self-tan drops. This award-winning serum works with any moisturiser, serum or oil, transforming it into your customer self-tanner. It works with your skin tone to create a unique glow and leaves skin hydrated. What’s more, it’s smells and streak free!

Kate Walker